Bailey Moberly

Bailey is a recent University of Kentucky graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing degree. With a creative, innovative, and strategic mindset she has acquired the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in a professional environment. Bailey’s extensive extracurricular involvement with student run and non-profit organizations has equipped her with unique, and resourceful skill sets that align well with Wild Health’s vision and compassion for helping others. Those experiences taught her the power of effective communication with a variety of people, raised her standards for quality, and improved her project management skills. She believes staying positive, collaborating with others, and keeping an open mind are the keys to success.

Bailey’s upbringing instilled a service industry mindset of helping others. When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, she wanted to do all she could to assist those in need. In August of 2020, Bailey joined our COVID-19 response team and quickly climbed the ranks. During this time, she became intrigued by Wild Health’s services and knew she had a lot to offer the team. Bailey’s extensive knowledge of customer service, interpersonal communication, and her willingness to learn have allowed her to succeed at taking on her new role as Fellowship Administrator.