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Mike Mallin, MD

Mike is an avid athlete who loves self-hacking and optimizing fitness, diet, sleep, and supplementation. He has participated in countless adventure races, ultra-marathons, cycling races, and even Crossfit competitions. Mike’s current obsession is the science of longevity – helping people live as long as they can with the highest quality of life obtainable.

Matt Dawson, MD

Matthew Dawson, MD has lectured in over 20 countries and trained thousands of other physicians through live lecture, online education, two textbooks, and even an educational app. He combines his training in genomics and functional medicine to give personalized, precise medical guidance.

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield creates step-by-step solutions—from supplements and fitness gear, to coaching and consulting, to education and media—for the world’s hard-charging, high-achievers to live truly limitless lives with fully optimized minds, bodies, and spirits… All from his quiet home on 10 acres in the forested wilderness of Washington state. 

James Fadiman

James Fadiman is an American psychologist and writer. He is acknowledged for his extensive work in the field of psychedelic research. He co-founded along with Robert Frager the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, which later became Sofia University, where he was a lecturer in psychedelic studies.

Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, MD, MS

Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, MD, MS is a family physician and four-time CrossFit Games athlete.  Julie also holds a Master’s in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University.  Julie competed in the CrossFit Games from 2010-2015 where she consistently finished among the top 5 women, with two podium finishes. Since 2015, Julie has enjoyed hosting a popular health and fitness podcast called Pursuing Health. 

Dr. Isaac Jones

Dr. Jones is the world’s leading expert in high-performance concierge healthcare. As a successful entrepreneur and owner of 3 different companies, he is a trusted advisor and high-performance consultant to CEO’s and leading entrepreneurs around the world. 

Mike Stone, MD

Mike is obsessed with self-hacking and peak performance, with a deep interest in the effects of fasting and nutrition on longevity and cognitive function. He is currently focused on knowledge translation for healthcare practitioners, striving to empower practitioners with practical techniques to competently construct strategies and tactics for their patients’ health optimization.

Taylor Bright, PhD

Taylor Bright, PhD, is a serial biomedical entrepreneur with a passion to drive new technologies out of the research lab and into the clinic where they can have the most impact. Dr Bright co-founded Novoron Bioscience, Inc., a biotechnology startup located in San Diego, CA, in 2013 and has helped raise $2.5 MM in NIH grant-funding to support Novoron’s cutting-edge therapeutic molecule capable of regenerating damaged neurons in spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Mark Goodman

Dr. Mark Goodman specializes in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries. He is dedicated to wellness and the comprehensive care of issues surrounding athletes and active patients.

Dr. Kristin Dawson

Dr. Kristin Dawson is double board certified in both Adult and Child Psychiatry. She is an expert in motivational enhancement therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Alex Zubkov, MD, PhD

Dr Zubkov is originally from Russia. After arrival to US, he completed PhD in Physiology and subsequently reaidency in neurology in the University of Mississippi Medical center. Then he moved to Minnesota and completed fellowships in vascular neurology and neurocritical care at Mayo Clinic.

Louisa Nicola

Louisa Nicola is a brain performance coach that works with high-profile people from major sport, Olympians, Fortune 100 CEOs, and internationally acclaimed artists and musicians. With her scientific and technological approach, she is on a mission to create world class neuro athletes.

Dr. Matt Cook

Dr. Matthew Cook is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience in medical practice. Currently Dr. Cook is President of California Anesthesia and Medical Director of the National Surgery Center in Los Gatos, CA.  Dr. Cook’s early career as an anesthesiologist and medical director of an outpatient surgery center that specializes in sports medicine and orthopedic procedures provided invaluable training in the skills that are needed to become a leader in the emerging fields of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound imaging and nerve hydrodissection.

Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Chief Lane currently serves as a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, (AISES), Council of Elders. He is the host of the Shift Network’s  Global Indigenous Wisdom Summits. As well, Chief Lane is an Honorary International Advisor to the Help Foundation of the Beijing Women's and Children’s Development Foundation  and  is a co-founder and Global Trustee of the United Religions Initiative.

Dr. Poonam Desai

Dr. Desai is an assistant professor at Weill Cornel Medical School and teaching faculty at a Level 1 Trauma center and academic hospital.  Her many hobbies include teaching, dancing, hiking, traveling, pilates, yoga, and writing. Her true passion is helping everyone perform at their absolute peak and helping people live as long as they can with the highest quality of life achievable. She accomplishes this with a well rounded approach to holistic health with a keen interest in Ayurvedic medicine, lifestyle medicine, and nutrition.  She currently practices in New York City, where she lives with her husband.  

Dr. Gus Vickery

Gus Vickery, MD is a family physician, author, and speaker. He directs primary care and acute care clinics in Asheville, NC and is the medical director for The Biltmore Company. He is passionate about transforming human health through precision medicine and transforming the health care system by innovating new methods of delivering affordable and effective healthcare.


Wild Health Summit | Sept 26-27, 2020

The Wild Health Summit will take place via Webinar and you can select one or more days to attend.  Each day will take place from

8:30am - 5:30pm EST.



  • Nutrigenomics and how food affects your DNA and Brain.
  • Biohacking Cognitive enhancement
  • Wild Foods and Medicines - How the world's most nutrient dense foods are found in the wild.
  • Genomics based exercise
  • HIIT for the brain
  • Science based approach to Mindfulness
  • Plant Medicine and micro-dosing
  • Yoga and the Mind
  • Heat and Cold - Affects of sauna and cryotherapy on the brain
  • Plasma exchange and Young Blood for dementia
  • Neurofeedback
  • Plus more........