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Wilderness Immersion

Spend the weekend reconnecting with the wild on 100 acres of Kentucky farmland. Join workshops on wilderness preparedness, foraging, ancestral living skills, and more!

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Interactive Learning

We provide numerous hands-on workshops that will strengthen your survival skills, heal trauma, and optimize your health!

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Connect + Heal

Learn to tame the wilderness within while exploring the wilderness without. Participate in both didactic and hands-on workshops to promote healing.

Wild Health Fall Summit 2022

Together we heal the whole mind, body and spirit.

The Wild Health team is excelling at helping patients optimize their body. Now, we're tackling the improvement of both mind and spirit, which are integral to whole-person health optimization.

Get ready to learn from world experts in subjects like mindfulness, relationships, and empowerment. We look forward to continuing on this amazing health journey, as we navigate the depths of our minds and spirits together!
The Experience
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We've included communal tents, one cot, and one sleeping bag in the weekend pass! We also provide space for individual campers if you'd like to bring your own supplies.

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Chef-Curated Meals

Chef curated menu chock full of healthy meals - we've got you covered Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch.

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Hands-On Workshops

Off Grid living and Food Sovereignty, Foraging, Fire-making, Breathwork, Cold Exposure, Yoga, and more!

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Intimate Experience

To preserve the intimate nature of the event, admission is limited. So don't delay!

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Weekend Luxury Pass
Thursday - Sunday

Event Details
All-inclusive with luxury accommodations, all meals and event admission for up to two individuals. Thursday check-in at 5pm EST. Sunday check-out at 5pm EST.

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Weekend Pass
Thursday - Sunday

Event Details

Includes large tent, camping gear, all meals, and event admission. Thursday check-in at 5pm EST
. Sunday check-out at 5pm EST.

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Day Pass
Summit Day Pass
Friday, Saturday or Sunday
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Event Details

Includes admission & meals for your selected day.
Friday : 8am - 8pm EST
Saturday : 8am - 8:30pm EST

Sunday: 8am - 5pm EST

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Join the Experts

Tara Brach
Angelo DiLullo
James Fadiman
Kristin Weitzel
Morris Weintraub
Chef Nico Albert
Dan + Judy Dourson
Amy Lane
Carley Schwoerer
Johnny Faulkner
Dr. Mike Mallin
Dr. Matt Dawson
Freddie Kimmel