Wild Health Summit | April 4-6, 2020
An event designed for physicians to teach and promote genomics based precision medicine.

The Wild Health Summit is a 3-day journey into the world of genomics based personalized medicine.  Learn what it takes to better manage patients using a personalized approach.  Using genomics and individual markers, we are able to optimize health, battle chronic diseases, and increase life expectancy in a remarkable way.  Come learn how to integrate these methods into your practice to move away from using medicine as a band-aid and instead using medicine to cure.

Wild Health Summit
Apr 04, 8:00 AM – Apr 06, 3:00 PM
230 Pisgah Pike,
230 Pisgah Pike, Versailles, KY 40383, USA




We start with genomics.  During day one you'll learn how to practice truly personalized medicine.  We'll teach you how to apply the science of genomics to discover the perfect diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan for an individual.


Today's long list of chronic diseases can be treated and prevented.  We look at how factors such as genomics, environment, sleep, diet, and supplements all play a role in preventing and treating chronic disease.  We teach functional medicine principles to help prevent and combat diseases.


Once someone is truly optimized we want to keep them there for the long term.  During day 3 we dive into the science of aging and longevity.  We show you how to use stem cells, NAD, peptides, and other longevity molecules to develop personalized longevity and health span protocols.


Ben Greenfield

Matt Dawson, MD

Mike Stone, MD

Mike Mallin, MD



The Kentucky Castle

Minutes from the Bluegrass Airport, The Kentucky Castle is a unique venue set on a 110 acre working farm.  80% of the food served will be from the property and you'll experience many of the themes of the conference such as sauna, cryotherapy, earthing, and others.