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Wild. Enjoy re-wilding activities such as foraging and wilderness first aid

Health. Learn basic and advanced personalized genomics

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May 28-30, 2021

Day 1 :  Athletic Optimization and Precision Medicine. 

Days 2&3: An amazing re-wilding experience learning primitive skills and more.

Leading physicians and wellness experts

This event is like no other.  Day 1 will be hosted at The Kentucky Castle, yes, a real castle, in Kentucky!  Day 2 & 3 are happening in collaboration with Camp Kaintuck, a 212-acre rustic retreat! With a panel of medical providers and a group of nature experts, we're pushing the envelope to change the way people think about medicine.

What You'll Experience


Expert physicians discuss how to take patient care to the next level by using genomics and personalized medicine.

Athletic Optimization

World renowned experts and physicians discuss the latest tips and techniques for athletic optimization.

Nature Exposure

Our re-wilding adventures will get you back in touch with nature while learning amazing skills such as wilderness first aid and more.



Whether it's yoga, breath-work, or hiking, our events always include wellness activities designed for health.

Day 1

  • Genomic based fitness programming

  • Personalized nutrition based on DNA, microbiome, and biomarkers

  • Genomics based endurance training

  • Genomics based HIIT workouts and design

  • Precision and personalized recovery strategies

  • Wearable tracking and biohacking for the athlete

  • Personalized sleep optimization based on DNA analysis

  • Personalized nutrition based on DNA, microbiome, and biomarkers

  • Genomic based exercise programming

  • Precision and personalized recovery strategies

  • Personalized approaches to mindfulness, mood, and cognitive optimization

  • Personalized sleep optimization based on DNA analysis

  • Wearables and biohacking

  • How to take a holistic approach to precision medicine and apply to your patients or yourself

Days 2 - 3

  • Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk

  • Wilderness First aid

  • Fermentation

  • Mushroom Inoculation - (take home a log if desired) 

  • Mushroom Foray

  • Make your own didgeridoo & circular breath - can ship home 

  • Fire starting

  • Wood Carving/Make your own spoon

  • Cordage/Make your own ropes

  • Off Grid living: Composting toilet

  • Permaculture

  • Intro to Hunting/Fishing

  • Rabbit processing /Hide Tanning

  • Psychoactive Plants

  • Timber Frame home tour (optional)

Our Speakers Include

What is Re-wilding?

We continually work to keep "Wild" in Wild Health.  We fully understand the power of being in nature and make all attempts to reconnect with the earth beneath our toes.  Rewilding includes all activities that bring us closer to nature.  All the while, we build knowledge and skills that are immensely helpful.  Come join us as we learn the importance of being in nature and the skills that continue to keep us Wild (and healthy).