Gina Perez-Baron MD

Stanford-educated, family medicine board-certified, Dr. Perez has focused her medical practice on addiction treatment and primary care with a focus on First Nations and the historically underserved. Blending her clinical knowledge with her perspective as an Indigenous woman (Apache-descent, Chicana), she has focused her career on creating novel treatment approaches and improving health outcomes by integrating best practices with cultural knowledge and traditional wisdom.

Understanding the impact of historical trauma and early childhood development (ACE), on our “toxic modernity” – addictive behavior, chronic illness and mental health – Dr. Perez demonstrates how incorporating this knowledge into clinical practice “changes the story we tell ourselves which changes our ability to find healing and recovery.”

I am the daughter of the Doctrine of Discovery.  Ceremony, science, my patients and my own lived experience have taught me that understanding our thoughts, emotions, actions, our connections with each other and the Natural world – our whole health – in the context of “what happened to me” and all who came before may be our most powerful tool for healing.  We all come “from place”.  Re-remembering who we are and where we come from allows us engage in our own healing, shed what no longer serves, and build healthy meaningful lives. Reconnecting to our Traditional Wisdom is our strongest Medicine.

Dr. Perez’s  is the creator of the Alchemy Treatment Model and past Medical Director at the Seattle Indian Health Board.  Her work has been highlighted in Gabor Maté’s “Talks on Trauma” series. She is the founder of Alchemy Integrated Medicine consulting with agencies interested in providing care and services that are culturally-attuned and trauma informed…especially those that serve Native People, the formerly-incarcerated and the historically underserved.  

Wild Health. Wild Healing.