Cheng Liu

Cheng is an acupuncturist and a wild foods educator.   She went to graduate school for Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and did work in IT with those degrees. But in 2013, Cheng had her awakening while traveling the States in a RV and writing computer code: Her real mission is, connecting herself and people to The Wild!  Cheng believes for all modern person, true healing needs two things: 1) Restoring an intimate relation with the natural world. 2) Repairing "inner wilderness"  by exploring the personal, societal, and ancestral trauma that we all carry.  "The Wild" is where we'll find peace and courage, to go from Illness, Wellness, to Fitness and Wholeness.

So Cheng carries out her mission by teaching edible plants, organizing Rewilding events, and practicing acupuncture with integrative tools.  It brings her joy to cross pollinate Wild Health community with wild foods and earth skills experts, to empower the wilderness/herbalist community too with cutting edge medical knowledge.   Cheng doesn't live in a van any more, but is still down by the river in rural Kentucky.  Surrounded by the rolling Appalachia and a community of homesteading friends, she's grateful for the wild and beautiful journey.

Wild Health. Wild Healing.