Todd Elliot

Todd Elliott’s childhood passion for the natural world led him to co-author his first peer-reviewed scientific publication by age 14. Todd has continued to focus on studying global biodiversity and interrelationships in nature. These studies have taken him to remote corners of the world to explore tropical rainforests, deserts, temperate forests, beaches, and high mountains on six continents. Much of the research from these expeditions has been or is being published including the description of organisms new to science. To see a few of Todd's publications visit ResearchGate or Google Scholar. Below is a gallery of images of highlights from a few expeditions. Also follow Todd and his photography on Instagram.

Todd has lectured to groups including the International Herbal Symposium, North American Mycological Association, North American Truffling Society, Western Mycorrhiza Gathering of British Colombia, New Zealand Farm Forestry Association Conference, North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville Mushroom Club, Bay Area Mycological  Society, South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society, and Mushroom Club of Georgia. He has co-taught and guest lectured for colleges and universities including: Warren Wilson College (USA), Muğla University (Turkey), University of Newcastle (Australia), University of New England (Australia), Lincoln University (New Zealand), Massey University (New Zealand), University of Auckland (New Zealand), University of Chiang Rai (Thailand), and University of Chiang Mai (Thailand). Todd is listed in the North American Mycological Association speakers bureau.

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