Naushad Godrej

Naushad is a former collegiate soccer player and tech startup employee turned holistic health coach. He offers transformational coaching to high performing individuals and wellness classes to companies and teams.

Naushad’s mission is to help you break free from chronic pain and stress. He is passionate about helping you feel more vitality, confidence, and peace in your body and mind. Dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, or feeling stuck?

As a health coach, he empowers you to discover your own wisdom and strength to move beyond obstacles to behavior change. He holds you accountable, supports you without judgment, and partners with you in a thought-provoking discussion to maximize your personal potential.

As a mind-body coach and therapist, Naushad weaves together meditation and breathwork practices, functional strength, yoga, corrective exercise, primal movement, and qigong. He guides you through improving movement quality, and enhancing body awareness to build sustainable health and longevity.

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