Kristin Weitzel

Work with Kristin Weitzel, Máster Breathwork and Cold Exposure Guide to experience profound emotional shifts and build your resiliency and capacity for greatness.Kristin Weitzel, Founder of Warrior Woman Mode, is a health and high performance maven, nutrition specialist, certified fitness trainer, breathwork and exposure training coach with a focus on guiding people into optimal health. Taking action is her nature, driving methods that create lasting change and build stronger, healthier futures by taking full control of their biology, food, and fitness. Part of her gift to the world is to open people up to the beauty of breathwork benefits in the integration phase of plant medicine.Her achievements as a brand strategist, entrepreneur, and global marketer for Fortune 500 brands have given her the ability to travel extensively and continually discover how our daily habits and behaviors affect the way we show up in the world.Kristin also hosts the WELLPOWER Podcast which blends health and wellness subject matter expertise, inspiring guests, and Kristin’s trademark wit and wisdom to lead clients and listeners alike. This podcast allows Kristin to share with a broader audience just how far we can go in the pursuit of optimal performance. As a progressive voice, dynamic leader, and active biohacking proponent, she questions how far the human body can go and helps people take it there.

Wild Foods. Wild Healing. Consciousness Embodied.