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Spring 2022 Summit

A unique 3-day gathering that combines evidence based treatment and wilderness education.

Immersed in 100 acres of farmland at the Wild Health Headquarters, our attendees will taste wild plants, listen to stories around a campfire, and build resources the traditional way. Inspiring teachers will show us that it is possible to live in harmony with the land, ourselves and one another. The Summit exemplifies and celebrates what Wild Health is all about: living wild, pursuing truth, demanding excellence and healing the body, mind and soul.

May 13 - 16th, 2022

Consciousness. Embodied.

Wilderness Immersion

Spend the weekend "off-grid" to reconnect with the wild in pristine Berea, KY. Join workshops on wilderness preparedness, foraging, ancestral living skills, and more!


Precision Medicine

Learn about health optimization through genomics-based, precision medicine from Wild Health physicians.


Inner Wilderness

Learn to tame the wilderness within while exploring the wilderness without. Participate in both didactic and hands-on workshops to promote healing.

Example Workshops

  • Genomics

    Plant Walk and Mushroom Foray

    Cherokee Indigenous Foods and Stories

    Fire by Friction

    Emergency Fire Making

    San Bushman Way of Healing


    Bird Language

    Herpetology Show and Tell


    Methylation Age Testing

Who We Are

The Experience

  • Onsite camping - So you can travel light, we'll provide the tents, cots, and sleeping bags!
  • Chef curated menu chock full of healthy meals - we've got you covered Friday lunch to Sunday lunch.
  • Surround yourself with a diverse group of like-minded individuals while experiencing once-in-a-lifetime wild workshops!
  • To preserve the intimate nature of the event, admission is limited. So don't delay!
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