Amy Lane

Amy Lane has worked in the fields of mental and spiritual health for over 35 years. As a pastoral counselor and Spiritual Director, she is versed in the many ways in which these aspects of the human experience overlap and intersect, often resulting in embodied symptoms that require a psycho-spiritual approach to healing.

Amy is currently enrolled at the Naropa Psychedelic Assisted Therapies program which will be completed in December of 2022.

She has completed the MAPS MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy and the PRATI Ketamine Assisted Therapy training.

She is a certified Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Integration coach.

Amy is currently in the beta testing group for SoundSelf, an integrative healing system that uses voice generated visuals which allow individuals to access expanded states without the use of psychedelic medicines.

Member of the Board of Becoming Jackson Whole, part of the Mindful Cities Initiative

Her work is informed by Internal Family Systems.

Amy has extensive experience assisting others in working with expanded states of consciousness to achieve healing and deepen self-discovery.